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When choosing your desired wall coating, the best person to be advised from is the tradesperson employed. Experienced plasterers who have been in it for a long time would have come across several different finishes throughout the time. Understanding the finish and recreating is regarded as an art in itself.

Understanding the substrate and knowing what materials are required to Conform to the specification and ensure the desired result. Exterior Cement renders are the key factor in all the longevity of your wall coating like any good foundation. Talk to your plasterer about what additives could be added to modify your render and improve the properties of the render.

Cement render finishes common names:

  • Sand finished

  • Bag finish

  • Dado

  • Knockdown

  • Spray on (hopper gun)


Internal Float and White Set

The term float and set refer to the traditional style of plastering sometimes known as wet plastering. the system requires a wet undercoat plaster (float coat) such as sand and cement and then screeded off to a flat uniform finish this is what we call our base coat for our (white set) plaster which is applied after the cement has set is ready to accept the mixture of lime putty and hard wall powder as a topcoat, this is the most common type of plastering in Perth, as most of the Eastern states use timber frame system and then is lined with Gyprock.Solid wall plastering is a very skilled trade to master and get right, of late there has been introduction of a product called multi finish which is been around in the UK for a long time it is now gaining popularity because it is not lime based and has taken out some of the problems associated with lime and Hardwall inconsistency.

Multi-finish thistle is now available.

Exterior Renders and Finishes


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