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Acrylic Texture Coating ( Graffiato )

Texture is very flexible and will control most forms of cracking, even from minor structural movement.

From small domestic projects to large commercial developments, Texture provides an extremely durable, cost effective and attractive texture finish. Consistent appearance – No variable sponge render surface finish.

Acrylic texture is equivalent to approximately 40 coats of paint in film build. Most colours are available.


Texture suits substrates including:

  •  Brick, block work

  • CFC sheeting, Blue board, plasterboard

  • EPS Polystyrene and even painted and glazed bricks.



  • Natural “Mineral” appearance

  • Flexible Acrylic Texture

  • Weather-resistant

  • Even Textural profile

  • Classic Tuscan finish

  • Hides cement render cracks

  • Long-term performance


We are applicators of all acrylic textures across the board:

  • Dulux Acratex

  • Tufftex

  • Unigraff

  • Rockcote

  • Granosite

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